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Welcome to the Fanmade's wiki. We’re a collaborative community website about derivations of the softwares Vocaloid, Macne, and Utau. This is a full wiki with information even by the creators themselves. Hope you have fun! Oh, and there is another fanmades wiki, but it is un-taken care of and poor offense, but it just takes up space in the wikia site...


  • NO extremely violent or pornographic images!
  • NO mary-su's or Gary-stu's. Once we see them, they'll be taken down. Take the Litmus test FIRST.
  • NO recolors OR edits! MUST be hand-drawn work.
  • NO claiming as your own when, the character is not yours. We are Vocaloid fans with good fanmade won't be getting past us anytime soon.
  • Just because you created the fanmade does not mean the original Vocaloid is yours.
  • NO characters who look too much like another person's fanmade. Sure, they'll obviously look like an Official Vocaloid, but unless they are related to the fanmade, no copying!
  • If there is a debate over who-owns-who, DO NOT give credit to either people until ownership is settled!

Thank you for joining Fanmade Vocaloids and Utaus wiki!

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